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L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs

by Grimoire

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Benjamin Bouniol
Benjamin Bouniol thumbnail
Benjamin Bouniol Awesome Black Metal similar to Summoning for example. Epic and beautiful! Favorite track: Tragédie des ombres.
Maison Planàterre
Maison Planàterre thumbnail
Maison Planàterre Dans "Cachot de cristal" il est dit:
"Son sommeil bruyant ne cesse de répandre
les débris de son corps mourant
Elle n'aura jamais connu
les caresses du bonheur
ni les murmures d'un être
Au lit du néant, elle s'éteindra
pour s'échapper de son corps
lourd et meurtri
Sans jamais savoir ce qu'était
la vie, le jour et l'amour."

Peut-il y avoir de destin pire que d'avoir vécu sans ressentir, condamnée solitaire dans sa prison de chair? Favorite track: Cachot de cristal.
Seanny123 thumbnail
Seanny123 Beautiful Black Metal. And I don't even usually like Black Metal. Favorite track: Tragédie des ombres.
gordeth thumbnail
gordeth Fiel of Forteresse, Csejthe, and Ephemer gives his main bands a run for their money with this superb EP of atmospheric black metal.
carsten bogh
carsten bogh thumbnail
carsten bogh Epic, melancholic and beautiful.

Fans of Csejthe and Caladaan Brood will like this. Great melodies with haunting vocals! Favorite track: Tragédie des ombres.
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12" Vinyl | CD | Tape | Digital

Four years on from their "À la lumière des cendres" debut, Quebecois black metallers GRIMOIRE return with a new EP, L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs. Although EP-length at four songs, L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs feels like a complete, total experience, bursting with windswept grandeur and icy-yet-fiery passion. GRIMOIRE might seem like a new band and thus L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs its first proper introduction to the international black metal scene, but the band is the sole vision of erstwhile Forteresse/Csejthe member Fiel. Formed in 2010, GRIMOIRE reveals the expression of a wandering, lonesome soul searching for the path to spiritual elevation. Dreams, fantasy, and beauty summoned upon the darkest mourning, ashes of chaos and emptiness, the broken wheel of time, creation and destruction, a conscience invoked by nonexistence, a light raised in obscurity: all this is accomplished across L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs with emotive, melodic black metal of a pure 'n' proud vintage, yet one not boxed in by tradition or cliche.

DEAF FOREVER (D) - 9 / 10 : "Atemberaubende Melodien, Melancholie und tonnenweise Atmosphäre! Sensationell gut!"

METALGLORY (D) - 9 / 10 : "Perfekte Mischung aus harschem und atmosphärischem Black Metal!"

DARK NEWS (D) : "Führt den Hörer auf spirituelle Pfade voller Schönheit und Traurigkeit!"

METAL TEMPLE (GR) - 10 / 10 : "A definite hit and I can definitely see this one succeeding in the dark shadowy pits of Black Metal!"

METAL INVADER (GR) : "A worthwhile release that will be appreciated mainly by the fans of this music style!"

POWERMETAL.DE (D) - 8 / 10 : "Melodischer, epischer Black Metal, der in ausladenden Kompositionen vor allem durch seine atmosphärisch dichten Momente begeistern kann!"

BLEEDING 4 METAL (D) - 9,5 / 10 : "Ein richtiges Hammerwerk! Speziell in diesem episch-atmosphärischen Black Metal-Bereich wird das nur schwer zu toppen sein!"

TWILIGHT (D) : "Die Mischung aus infernaler düsterer Härte und aus sphärischer, melancholischer Wehmut ist sehr hypnotisch und für alle progressiven, sensibleren, feineren Metal-Geister ein absolutes Muss!"

CROSSFIRE (D) : "Ein dichtes Soundgeflecht mit eindringlicher und fast schon hypnotisierender Stimmung!"

METAL INSIDE (D) : "Melancholischer Black Metal - ohne Kitsch und mit jeder Menge Atmosphäre!"

KAOSGUARDS (F) : "GRIMOIRE merges melodic and epic Black Metal fury with the beauty of divine keyboards arrangement!"

ZWAREMETALEN (NL) : "'L'aorasie Des Spectres Rêveurs' sets the bar very high for other bands and projects like this!"

AVE NOCTUM (UK) : "This side project serves as a decent flag bearer for a pocket of Canadian creativity!"

WONDERBOX METAL (UK) : "Grimoire have an epic sound that consists of melodic grandeur, atmospheric keyboard highlights and frostbitten blasting! A very enjoyable release!"

METALLIAN (F) - 5,5 / 6 : "Perhaps Grimoire is currently generating a new subgenre - unintentionally."

AUX PORTES DU METAL (F) - 17 / 20 : "Masterfully orchestrated atmospheres! Grimoire brings a breeze of freshness into Black Metal!"

METALNEWS (D) - 6 / 7 : "Vier Songs voller Magie und Fingerspitzengefühl! Fans des kanadischen Black Metal müssen diese Scheibe haben!"

XXL ROCK (D) - 6 / 7 : "Fiel versteht es ganz ausgezeichnet, verschiedene Zutaten kunstvoll miteinander zu verweben!"

METAL 4 (D) - 8 / 10 : "Als Geheimtipp für Liebhaber des Genres uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen!"

METALFACTORY (CH) : "Irgendwo zischen Summoning und Alcest! Ein schöner Einblick in das (hoffentlich bald) kommende Album!"

WHITE ROOM REVIEWS (NL) : "Spherical Black Metal - beautiful!"

LEGACY (D) - 14 / 15 : "Unheimlich gute, schwarzmetallische Hymnen! Viel besser geht es fast nicht!"

ROCK TRIBUNE (B) : "Enthralling songs!"

METAL HAMMER (IT) : "Pure beauty, pure emotions!"

DESTRUCTIVE MUSIC (UK) - 8,5 / 10 : "A well-executed blend of Atmospheric Black Metal - masterfully composed!"

AGAINST MAGAZINE (POR) - 8 / 10 : "Celestial and nocturnal!"

BRAVE WORDS (CAN) : "Grimoire make sure that the black metal foundation is at its heart!"

ANTICHRIST (UKR) : "Hauntingly beautiful and spellbindingly mesmeric! One of the most spectacular and enchanting Black Metal releases in the past decade!"

METAL MANIAC (BRA) - 10 / 10 : "Breathtaking!"


released January 26, 2015


Recorded, mixed and mastered during 2013
Fiel - All Instruments

Cover artwork by Sperber Illustrationen


all rights reserved



Grimoire Québec

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